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Sharing my passion with others

I have a genuine passion for teaching and I share that passion by bringing my enthusiasm for science into the classroom. I believe that my enthusiasm helps students to engage with the material presented, and this belief has been built by the feedback I have received from students over the last decade. I am also a firm believer that working with your peers helps to deepen and broaden your understanding of topics. To use this peer to peer learning I design group work as a central piece of my teaching style. I have found that, especially in larger lecture formats, this small group work helps students to ask questions, amplifies more voices, and helps them to take more ownership of their learning. 
Below you will find a list of the courses I have taught and done curriculum development for. Additionally, I have included a number of quotes from previous students.

Teaching: Feature

Courses I have tought

BI221- Principals of Biology: Cells

Summer 2023

BI222 - Principals of Biology: Organisms

Summer 2023

BI223H - Honors Principals of Biology: Populations

Spring 2023

BI445 - Evolution

Spring 2023

Z371 - Vertebrate Biology

Fall 2021

BI221, BI222, & BI223: Principals of Biology

Teaching labs
Several years

Z372 - Vertebrate Biology

Teaching Labs
Fall 2016 (in person) & 2020 (Remote)

Teaching: List

Student Feedback

Teaching: Testimonials

I've been at OSU for four years and this has been the most engaging class I've taken!

BI222 Summer 2023

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